Satwa is one of Dubai’s older neighbourhoods, conveniently located close to Jumeirah and just minutes from the beach and central Dubai. It lies in the shadows of the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road district which is viewed by many as the centre for commercial activity in Dubai.


There’s not much you can’t find in Satwa. Looking for a new mobile phone? A fancy dress costume? A tailor to make something with all that material you just bought? Arts & crafts? Curtains? A place to get your windows tinted while you grab a bite at what is possibly the most famous Pakistani restaurant in Dubai? Then Satwa is the right place for you.

If you’re visiting during the summer months when it’s too hot, stay cool while shopping at Al Ghazal Mall, on the outer fringes of Satwa and Diyafa Rd.


Satwa is one of the few neighbourhoods in Dubai that offer affordable living. There are vast lower cost accommodations in this area as well as a large variety of sensibly priced retail outlets for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

If you're looking for a hotel, the Chelsea Plaza Hotel is within walking distance to the shopping areas and only a five minute drive from Jumeirah Beach. There aren’t that many hotels in Satwa itself, but there are plenty in the surrounding neighbourhoods.