Meet Carlos (AKA Carlos Cuts)

Have you been shopping around for a barber that truly understands your needs, style and you don't even have to speak for him to know? Just the eye contact says it all? That's an exaggeration but you get what i mean :). But seriously, it is hard to get that one barber that has the fulll package. Well we had a small interview with Carlos Gamal AKA Carlos Cuts who is one talented barber and this is what he had to say ... 

My Guide Dubai: Hello Carlos, could you share with us the story of how you became Carlos Cuts?
I have been working behind a barberschair for 17 years, my great grandfather, grandfather and father are all barbers, its in our blood. To grow a strong following in anything you need to do you must have passion

My Guide Dubai: How long have you been working at Chaps & Co and how is it so far?
I have been working at Chaps & Co for the last year and since working there I have worked hard to build a strong professional reputation and loyalty from customers, anything that is worth having is worth the hard work and the difficulties
My Guide Dubai: Are you available on call or only at your shop and where is it located? Carlos: Anyone wanting to book and meet and have a consultation can call Chaps & Co Marina trident branch and ask to book with Carlos
My Guide Dubai: Was it and will it always be your full time job?
Yes this is my passion, I don’t see it as a job but what I love to do and making people feel great about themselves, being a barber means i'm always meeting new people, learning new skills and everyday is different

My Guide Dubai: How would you describe yourself and style?
I'm a classic guy, you will find me in tailored suits.As the saying goes, you can never be underdressed or overeducated

My Guide Dubai: How long have you been living in Dubai?
I have been working and living in the UAE for the last year with Chaps and Co and before than spent 3 years here

My Guide Dubai: What are you favorite hangout spots in Dubai?
Depends on my mood and the weather! Anything from a night with out with the guys or a nice dinner with my fiancée at the Only and Only Royal Mirage

My Guide Dubai: What would you advice young aspirants in the UAE?
Find your passion, surround yourself with people that support you, believe in you and work hard

My Guide Dubai: What are your plans for the future?
Building my loyal customers, raising my profile and continue to be see as one of the best barbers in the UAE

My Guide Dubai: What are the three most frequent questions that you get asked by media/people all the time?
How much do I work out?
              How can I change my style and look with the hair type I have
              How did I get the name Carlos

All Photo Credits to Carlos Gamal.