The Ultimate Summer Adventure: Exploring Dubai's Desert Safari


Unforgettable experiences await you this summer

1. Thrilling Dune Bashing

Experience the adrenaline rush as an expert driver takes you on a thrilling ride over the mesmerizing sand dunes of Dubai. Hold on tight as the 4x4 vehicle maneuvers through the golden sands, offering an exhilarating adventure like no other.


2. Mesmerizing Sunset Views

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking sunset views in the desert. As the sun paints the sky with vibrant hues while sinking below the horizon, immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. The desert terrain provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable sight.


3. Traditional Bedouin Camp Experience

Discover the rich cultural heritage of the Bedouin people with an authentic desert camp experience. Indulge in traditional Arabic hospitality as you enjoy a sumptuous BBQ dinner under the starlit sky. Engage in cultural activities such as henna painting, camel riding, and shisha smoking.


4. Thrilling Sandboarding

Unleash your inner adventurer by trying your hand at sandboarding. Slide down the steep sand dunes on a specially designed board, experiencing the thrill of gliding over the soft golden grains. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sandboarder, this activity guarantees oodles of fun!


5. Enchanting Camel Riding

Embark on an enchanting journey through the desert atop a magnificent camel. Experience the traditional mode of transportation and discover the incredible ability of camels to navigate the sandy terrain effortlessly. Capture incredible photos and create memories that will last a lifetime.


6. Majestic Falconry Displays

Witness the age-old tradition of falconry, a noble sport once practiced by Bedouin hunters. Be amazed as skilled falcon trainers demonstrate the agility and grace of these magnificent birds of prey. Learn about their training techniques and get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.


7. Cultural Dance Performances

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Dubai with mesmerizing dance performances. Watch professional dancers perform traditional dances like the mesmerizing belly dance and the captivating tanoura dance. Get lost in the rhythmic beats and colorful costumes, appreciating the rich artistic heritage of the region.


8. Star Gazing in the Desert

Escape the city lights and embrace the tranquility of the desert as you gaze up at a star-speckled sky. With minimal light pollution, the desert provides the perfect setting to witness the wonders of the night sky. Spot constellations, shooting stars, and maybe even a glimpse of the Milky Way.


9. Delicious Arabian Cuisine

Savor the exotic flavors of Arabian cuisine with a delectable BBQ dinner. Feast on an array of mouthwatering dishes including succulent grilled meat, aromatic rice, freshly baked bread, and flavorful traditional desserts. Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the region, tantalizing your taste buds.


10. Photography Opportunities

Capture the essence of the Dubai desert with your photography skills. The stunning landscapes, golden sand dunes, and dramatic lighting during sunset offer endless opportunities for breathtaking shots. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, the desert safari is a photographer's paradise.