Public Transport


Dubai is not particularly pedestrian-friendly, so taxis are the best way to travel around the city. Local taxis are known for their uniquely cream-colored cars. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to locate outside hotels and can be flagged down almost anywhere in Dubai. All taxis are metered, air conditioned and have well trained and courteous drivers. The minimum fare is Dhs10 (USD 2.7) with an additional Dhs1.75 (40 cents) per kilometer. By law, no taxi is allowed to negotiate nor take on board a hire that is not metered. You should never encounter a circumstance where you are refused a ride for any reason, and all taxis should produce a receipt upon request. Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has gone to lengths to ensure that customer experiences are reliably consistent each time they choose public transportation in order to shift reliance away from privately owned vehicles and reduce congestion on the city's streets.

Dubai Taxi: 04 208 0808

National Taxi: 04 339 0002/ 600 5433 2204

Metro Taxis: 04 267 3222/ 600 566 000

Dubai Transport also offers taxi booking services through SMS. You can text 4774 to request a taxi at one of the taxi ranks in Dubai. Each taxirank has a location number which you need to include in your SMS request, and you should receive either a confirmation reply or a telephone call from a nearby taxi. If there is a taxi already waiting at the taxi rank, then you do not need to send an SMS. 


The widely acclaimed Dubai Metro, launched in September 2009, is a light rail system that links Dubai International Airport with the city centre, the business district and various neighbourhoods and shopping malls. All trains are fully air-conditioned and operate on a driverless, fully automated system. 

Though not very intricate, does reach the main areas and attractions in Dubai. Its services extend into neighbourhoods via the Feeder Bus system which connects arteries with each metro station to provide all residential and business areas with ample coverage and accessibility. The metro is a highly regarded and affordable way to get around certain parts of the city; with fares as low as 1.80 Dirhams, and the most expensive standard fare being less than 6 Dirhams. You will need a Nol Card to access the trains. Full details of the routes and stations are available here.

Dubai Metro trains currently run at 10-minute intervals between stations located across the city. Upon completion, it will be the world’s longest driverless metro system.


A widely spread network of public transport buses also operates throughout Dubai, though this is rarely used by Western expats or tourists due to the affordability and convenience of taxis. The service is extremely cheap, but routes can be convoluted, journey times lengthy and timings erratic. Check this link for more details on the service and how you can access it.

Water Taxi

Water Taxi is a marine transit mode providing complete privacy and luxury. For bookings, dial the toll-free number 8009090 and the Water Taxi will come to the station nearest to your location to ferry you across the Dubai Creek and waterways, or anywhere you might wish. Refer to the stations chart on the Transport Authority's website before planning your journey.

Operational hours: From 10:00 am to 10.00 pm.

Fare and payment: Pay in cash or by credit cards. Collection is made by the Water Taxi operator. You can hire the Water Taxi at a rate of 400 Dirhams per hour in the route of your choice.

Features: Seats are designed to emulate an aircraft’s business class seats. They recline 45 degrees and have built-in food trays. Taxis are accessible for the physically disabled and can accommodate wheelchairs. All seats are fitted with life jackets beneath the seats and are made to the specifications of SOLAS.